Plenty has already been written about the shitstorm of 2016, so let’s just right into it - 2017 Goals and Resolutions. I’m coming off a pretty unstructured 2016. Of course I wanted to write better code, lose weight, play piano, whatever, but I didn’t set up anything clearly defined for myself. I think it was a bit of a backlash from 2015’s photo a day project (which I completed, and you can see here on this site). I’m absolutely glad I did the project, but every day for a year is quite the commitment, and I was happy to be rid of it.

This year is different. Although I started 2016 with nothing set in stone, I managed to finish it in a pretty good place. I’ve been upping my running mileage consistently since October. I started working my way through the Advanced Swift book and experimenting more on the side. I started and finished several books towards the end of the year. I got engaged and have been working on a number of things related to planning the ensuing wedding.

Heading into 2017, I want to hold myself accountable to these fledgling habits. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Additionally, I’ll be doing smaller monthly challenges to keep myself on track for the above, and to try and forge new habits. Partly to see if I can, and partly to try and bring some attention to other things. Here’s January

The No Alcohol and no TV goals are shared with my fiancee, like I said, mostly to see if we can. I love TV and I love wine, so I have no interest in keeping these up long term. Ideally I’ll carve out some extra time day-to-day that will help me with the yearly goals. Planning a wedding, running 20+ miles per week, and reading 24 books all take some serious time, so cutting out TV and drinking should help with that.

git commits can be anything I’m working on, including this blog since that’s where it’s hosted, but mostly that refers to my day job and side projects. Backgammon’s been a bit neglected, and at work I can sometimes spin my wheels on bigger projects before getting diving in, and this’ll be a good way to get in at least a little bit of tangible progress every day.

As for the rest, that’s just to get on pace for my yearly goals.

There’s a good chance I’m going a bit overboard for January, but even if it’s awful, It’ll only be a month. Let’s see how it goes.