Hey everyone. Three weeks is probably too long to have a website and still have a template blog post, so here we go.

Hi. Howdy. I’m Evan. Nice to meet you. Although if you’re reading this you probably already know me. But if you don’t, I’m a dude living in San Francisco by way of Texas and Virginia, I write code for a living, and I have a crazy dog and awesome girlfriend. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

I’ve started blogs in the past with lofty goals of regular, insightful posts, but those have never really gone anywhere. The best luck I’ve had was with a travel blog(apologies for the pictures being weird) three and a half years ago, and Hannah wrote the best posts for it. So for this one, I have no goals, at least on the “words” side of things. Pictures are another story.

In case you haven’t noticed or paid attention to my previous tweets on the matter, I decided on a whim to do a daily photo project for 2015. I saw some other people whom I respect through their internet works doing it, and I had a new camera, so I figured why not? I’m pleased to say I’ve gone three weeks and haven’t missed a day, and I hope not to. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m constantly learning new things both about the new camera and different aspects of exposure, composition, and post-processing. So far most of my photos have been opportunistic, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d like to do more planned shoots and mini-projects as the year goes on. And that’s all I’m going to commit to!

However it turns out (words and pictures), thanks for stopping by and reading a little.