• Update

    Alright, halfway through the month and how am I doing? OK.

    No Alcohol

    So far this is actually going well, despite a few situations where a little buzz would have been nice. I’ve successfully done karaoke and attended a concert with a questionable opening act and not had a sip of an alcoholic drink. There have definitely been times (mostly college) where this would have seemed impossible, but I think knowing I can go back to business as usual next month makes it pretty tolerable.

    No TV Shows

    This one is also going well. I’ve filled the time with some movies (currently working through the Harry Potter series at about a movie per week) and reading. It’ll be tough not to immediately go back to TV binging next month, but if that happens I’ll probably just take another pause for March.

    git commit Every Day

    This one’s going… OK. I missed yesterday, and some of the other days have been obeying the letter of this goal, but not necessarily the spirit. I know it was ambititous so I’m not too worried about it, but it’s something I want to do better at for the next two weeks.

    Finish 2 Books

    Technically I’ve already completed it! The Crossroads of Should and Must was pretty short though, so I’d like to knock out another one before the month is over.

    Run 75 Miles

    This got off to an awful start. After a good 4 mile run on New Years Day I played in an all day volleyball tournament the next day, and spent the next week and a half with a swollen knee, unable to run. I’m just now getting back into it, so I’ll likely be a long ways from hitting this target. I can still ramp up (slowly over the next month or so) and get back on track for the yearly goal though.

    Bike to Work 12 Days

    I’m going to cut this one close, but not because I haven’t been biking. I’m at 6 so on pace, but between ski trip(s) the next two weeks and the occasional work from home day, I’ll need to bike to work every day. Hopefully the weather allows and I stick to it!

    Weekly Checkin Journals


    Alrighty, two weeks to go this month, gotta finish strong and start turning an eye towards next month. TV and Drinking will be nice to bring back, but for a new monthly challenge I’m gearing up for a month of no added sugar… which is going to be tough. There’s a reason I’m doing it the shortest month of the year.

  • Hello 2017

    Plenty has already been written about the shitstorm of 2016, so let’s just right into it - 2017 Goals and Resolutions. I’m coming off a pretty unstructured 2016. Of course I wanted to write better code, lose weight, play piano, whatever, but I didn’t set up anything clearly defined for myself. I think it was a bit of a backlash from 2015’s photo a day project (which I completed, and you can see here on this site). I’m absolutely glad I did the project, but every day for a year is quite the commitment, and I was happy to be rid of it.

    This year is different. Although I started 2016 with nothing set in stone, I managed to finish it in a pretty good place. I’ve been upping my running mileage consistently since October. I started working my way through the Advanced Swift book and experimenting more on the side. I started and finished several books towards the end of the year. I got engaged and have been working on a number of things related to planning the ensuing wedding.

    Heading into 2017, I want to hold myself accountable to these fledgling habits. Without further ado, here’s the list:

    • Get Married
    • Run 1000 miles + 1 marathon
    • Read 24 books
    • Bike to work 144 days

    Additionally, I’ll be doing smaller monthly challenges to keep myself on track for the above, and to try and forge new habits. Partly to see if I can, and partly to try and bring some attention to other things. Here’s January

    • No Alcohol
    • No TV shows
    • git commit every day
    • finish 2 books
    • run 75 miles
    • bike to work 12 days
    • weekly checkin journal entries

    The No Alcohol and no TV goals are shared with my fiancee, like I said, mostly to see if we can. I love TV and I love wine, so I have no interest in keeping these up long term. Ideally I’ll carve out some extra time day-to-day that will help me with the yearly goals. Planning a wedding, running 20+ miles per week, and reading 24 books all take some serious time, so cutting out TV and drinking should help with that.

    git commits can be anything I’m working on, including this blog since that’s where it’s hosted, but mostly that refers to my day job and side projects. Backgammon’s been a bit neglected, and at work I can sometimes spin my wheels on bigger projects before getting diving in, and this’ll be a good way to get in at least a little bit of tangible progress every day.

    As for the rest, that’s just to get on pace for my yearly goals.

    There’s a good chance I’m going a bit overboard for January, but even if it’s awful, It’ll only be a month. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Building Backgammon #1

    About 12 years ago I decided to take my first programming class in high school. The reason? My friends and I wanted to make games for our TI-83 calculators. We were really cool. I took that programming class, plus a few more in college on my way to earning a Computer Science degree. I’ve spent over five years building software professionally. Have I made any games? Not yet.

    I’m going to change that though. Apple’s public release of Apps for iMessage happened to coincide with me picking up and learning Backgammon (like making a game, something I’d put off for way too long). I figured it would be a great opportunity to keep in touch with friends across the country through playing the occasional game. Unfortunately, there are still no Backgammon games to be played through iMessage that I’ve found.

    So that’s what I’ll be making. I’m writing about it here to keep me somewhat accountable, so if you see this I encourage to you follow along and help keep me honest on twitter.

    The plan right now is to get some working game logic, learn about iMessage apps, get something working there, build as good of a UI as I can, and release it. Stretch goals might include a standalone app to play against the computer, but I’ll probably have to get better at Backgammon before writing an AI for it.

    This is the first side-project concept I’ve been excited for in awhile, and I can’t wait to bring this thing into existence.

  • Howdy!

    Hey everyone. Three weeks is probably too long to have a website and still have a template blog post, so here we go.

    Hi. Howdy. I’m Evan. Nice to meet you. Although if you’re reading this you probably already know me. But if you don’t, I’m a dude living in San Francisco by way of Texas and Virginia, I write code for a living, and I have a crazy dog and awesome girlfriend. Either way, thanks for stopping by.

    I’ve started blogs in the past with lofty goals of regular, insightful posts, but those have never really gone anywhere. The best luck I’ve had was with a travel blog(apologies for the pictures being weird) three and a half years ago, and Hannah wrote the best posts for it. So for this one, I have no goals, at least on the “words” side of things. Pictures are another story.

    In case you haven’t noticed or paid attention to my previous tweets on the matter, I decided on a whim to do a daily photo project for 2015. I saw some other people whom I respect through their internet works doing it, and I had a new camera, so I figured why not? I’m pleased to say I’ve gone three weeks and haven’t missed a day, and I hope not to. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m constantly learning new things both about the new camera and different aspects of exposure, composition, and post-processing. So far most of my photos have been opportunistic, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d like to do more planned shoots and mini-projects as the year goes on. And that’s all I’m going to commit to!

    However it turns out (words and pictures), thanks for stopping by and reading a little.

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